REST API – Filter REST URL prefix

REST API architecture is included in WordPress 4.4 version. So you can register custom REST API endpoints. Default REST API URL prefix is wp-json.

WordCamp Nashik 2016

I frequently check twitter to read articles of WordPress. I mostly followed people who involved with WordPress. So from twitter, I came to know about WordCamp Nashik. So I and my friends started planning.

WordPress is Now Fully Translated Into Gujarati

હવે વર્ડપ્રેસ ગુજરાતી બોલશે. It was great experience as General Translation Editors (GTE) and Translation Contributors. I have started use of WordPress in Gujarati language on one of my blog. Thanks to all contributors.

Hooks inside wp_insert_post()

I felt that as WordPress developer we need to know about various hooks which is fired when post is created and updated. wp_insert_post and wp_update_post functions are called when post is create/update.

Guidelines for developing plugin or theme for WordPress

Hello friends, here i write some guidelines for developing plugin and theme for WordPress. I inspired to write this article when i am facing some problems when developing plugin or theme for WordPress or using third party WordPress plugins and themes. Below are the some guidelines which i learn myself and share with you.

Display custom taxonomy in dropdown list or link format

Basically, we use get_terms() method to display custom taxonomy in dropdown list or link format. We get all terms of custom taxonomy in array format and then we are display terms in dropdown list or in link format using foreach loop.

Display category and post list in WordPress

Hello friends, Today we learn how to display all category list and each category list contain own post list. This example also work for all custom taxonomies and custom post types.

PHP script for creating the CAPTCHA functionality

You can see CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) functionality on many websites to prevent spam contents. CAPTCHA is used exclusively in applications where the user input is required. These applications include Blogs, Forums and Portals.

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Special ASCII HTML Character Codes

HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your Web page.

The following list includes the HTML codes for many of the ASCII symbols used on Web pages. The first section includes the first 255 character codes and their related HTML codes. Then, at the bottom you’ll find some other symbols and the HTML codes to create them. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your HTML codes before you use them.